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Why Duke - Inspiring musicians with melodies that swing...

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Ha Ngan Vu, 09/22/1990 12A1 (Advanced English Class), Hanoi Amsterdam High School Hanoi 10000, Vietnam College Application for Class of 2013 Duke Supplement Essay If you are applying to Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Is there something in particular at Duke that attracts you? Please limit your answer to one or two paragraphs. Shall I compare thee to a Dukie’s fun 1 ? “What fun, ah, to be a Dukie” 2 In a town that blends Southern flavors That also said, Chick-fil-A, and sweetened tea! Definitely, who would not be in favors? What fun, to enjoy that K-ville’s passions Blue Devils’ fans, in painted faces and camps “Eruditio et Basketballio” 3 is the motion We wait for Duke’s champions, and we’ll dance. What fun, to rock the music spirit In so exquisite Mary Biddle Building! The grand facilities are just incredibly sweet
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Unformatted text preview: Inspiring musicians with melodies that swing What fun, to be part of Duke Engage To travel and work, to experience far more To make dreams come true, to build up the wrecks To see the world community – to the core! What more fun is there, ah, really? I would proclaim the simplest answer “Many!” And never, shall I, compare any “thee” to the place Past the Gothic buildings and Carolinian forests Somewhere lays in the mid of Durham city Duke University – where it offers the best! 1 Inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: “ Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” 2 Edward B. Fiske,” Fiske Guide to Colleges.” (Sourcebooks Inc., 2008), 214. 3 “Great Education and More.” Epinions.com. 30 Dec. 1999 <http://www.epinions.com/educ-review-6FA7-87EEC9E-386C1DE0-prod1>...
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