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Eric Fancher Vickie Edwards Research Methods for PA The majority of answers were hard to code because the lack of clarity in the responses. Many people obviously were trying to be concise, but left out significant details that would allow me to accurately code and rate their participation in groups that help society. I wonder if the questions laid out specifically what information was to be provided when feeling in responses. Many of the responses seemed to be from reluctant or uninterested participants. The Community/cultural and business categories seemed to have the largest presence among survey participants. Many people indicated that they were on boards of some type with these groups. It would be helpful if there were specific
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Unformatted text preview: columns that addressed group membership and level of activity. There might have already been questions of this type; if so then a message on the survey reiterating the need for concrete concise answers to the survey. I only ran across one or two participants in health related groups. I also ran across maybe one or two crime/social problem related groups. I think that some of the community/cultural groups,parental/youth related groups and even the church groups may overlap each other and serve similar purposes. With this being my first time coding, I dont know if this information is sufficient to make any conclusions. I dont know if this example is par for the course....
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