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1 University of Massachusetts Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 323 Electronics I Fall 2010 Problem Set 7: CMOS Inverters Do all the following problems from Sedra and Smith, but you need only to turn in the * problems: 4.105*, 4.107, 4.113*, 4.114, 10.23* *Problem 1: Throughout this problem model the transistors with: k n ’=0.04mA/V 2 , kp’=0.01mA/V 2 , V TN =1, V TP =-1, and λ =0 unless specified otherwise. In order to send a signal to the serial port on a computer, a logical zero must be below - 5V and a logical one must be above +5V. Analyze the ability of the following circuits to convert from TTL voltage levels to serial port voltage levels. R = 10K Figure 1: Level Shifting Inverters A) Using the circuit in (A), solve for V out when V in =5V and V out when V in =0V. B) What is the power consumption of the circuit in (A) when V
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Unformatted text preview: in =0V? C) Solve for V out in (B) when V in =5V and when V in =0V. D) Solve for V out in (C) when V in =5V and when V in =0V. E) What is the power consumption in (C) when V in =5V and when V in =0V. Problem 3: Ring oscillators are commonly used to form square waves. The inverters in Fig. 2 are built using both NMOS and PMOS devices where W=1 μ m, L=1 μ m, t ox =10nm, ε ox =3.45*10-11 F/m , μ n =1350 cm 2 /(Vs), μ p =480cm 2 /(Vs), V tn =1, V tp =-1. Figure 2: Ring Oscillator A) Calculate the input capacitance of a single inverter. B) Calculate current out of an inverter into a 2.5V voltage supply when V in =0V. C) Calculate the delay from the input of the first inverter to the output of the third inverter. D) Draw the waveform at V out labeling both the voltage and time scales....
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