ECE314_Syllabus_SP11 - Gaussian r.v.'s. Parameter...

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Massachusetts, Amherst ECE 314: Introduction to Probability and Random Processes Spring 2011 Course Webiste: Course offered on SPARK. Instructors: Prof. Hossein Pishro-Nik 215I Marcus Hall Phone: (413)577-0834 Email: Role: Lectures, exams. Office hours: Wednesdays 11:15pm-12pm, 1:30pm - 2:15pm. Prof. Dennis Goeckel 215F Marcus Hall Phone: (413) 545 – 3514 Email: Role: Recitations, homework, quizzes. Office hours: Mondays, 2-3pm, Wednesdays 11-12. TAs: Tamara Sobers, Office hours: Thursdays 4:00-5:30pm Kekai Hu, Office hours: Tuesdays 4:00-5:30pm Catalog Data: Probability space, conditional probability, Bayes theorem. Combinatorial analysis. Random variables (r.v.'s), distribution and density functions. Expected value, moments, characteristic function. Function of r.v.'s, Multiple r.v.'s, conditional distributions, independent r.v.'s. Multivariate
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Unformatted text preview: Gaussian r.v.'s. Parameter estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing. Introduction to random processes: mean, autocorrelation, power spectral density. Prerequisite: E&C-ENG 313. Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in linear systems (such as ECE 313) Textbook : Probability and stochastic processes by Roy D. Yates, and David J. Goodman. ISBN: 0-471-27214, (recommended). Grades: Homework -10% Quizzes 10% Midterm Exam 1- 25% Midterm Exam 2 25% Final Exam 30% Topics covered: A. Probability 1. Experiments, Models, and Probabilities 2. Discrete Random Variables 3. Continuous Random Variables 4. Pairs of Random variables 5. Random Vectors 6. Sum of Random Variables B. Statistics 1. Parameter Estmination 2. Hypothesis Testing 3. Estimation of Random Variables C. Stochastic Processes 1. Introduction to stochastic processes...
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ECE314_Syllabus_SP11 - Gaussian r.v.'s. Parameter...

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