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Weekly Exam 5 Botany 372, Fall 2010 Lab. Day: ___________ Name____________________________________________________________ T or F. 1. Flowers that lack pistils are said to be ±imperfect.². T or F. 2. Flowers are modified branches. T or F. 3. Ripened ovaries which don²t become sweet as they mature, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, cannot be called fruits. ____4. The collective term for all the carpels of a flower is A. gynoecium B. androecium C. calyx D. pistil E. corolla ____5. A fruit formed from the multiple pistils of a single flower is best known as a A. simple fruit B. simple pistil C. compound fruit D. aggregate fruit E. accessory fruit ____6. When you eat fruit from an epigynous flower, such as an apple, much of the tissue you are eating is formed by the A. stigma B. cotyledons C. hypanthium D. endocarp E. ovule ____7. Lilium has a 2n chromosome number of 12. The nuclei of the egg in Lilium would therefore have how many chromosomes? A.
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