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Weekly Exam 6 Botany 372, Fall 2010 Lab Day_____________ Name_____________________________________________________ ____1. Special structures in liverwort capsules responsible for influencing a gradual dispersal of spores are called A. calyptras B. peristomes C. columellas D. opercula E. elaters ____2. Which of the following is an important shared characteristic of all three phyla of ±bryophytes²? A. reproduction involving seeds in cones or fruits D. very large size B. sporophyte generally smaller and remaining attached to the gametophyte E. produce xylem but no phloem C. sporophyte generally larger and with the gametophyte dependent upon it ____3. The most acceptable common name for the phylum to which Anthoceros belongs is: A. hornworts B. liverworts C. mosses D. mossworts E. leafy liverworts ____4. In many bryophytes, the special structures involved in asexual reproduction are called: A. gametophores B. gemmae C. setae D. caulids E. plantlets ____5. Which of the following is a general term including both archegonia and antheridia? A. gametophores
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