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10WeeklyExam8 - Weekly Exam 8 Botany 372 Fall 2010 Lab day...

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Weekly Exam 8 Botany 372, Fall 2010 Lab day.:___________ Name____________________________________________________ T or F 1. By definition, all Lower Vascular Plants are homosporous. T or F 2. The gametophytes of heterosporous vascular plants are always endosporic. ____3. Which of the following L.V.P.genera contains species most likely to be mistaken for a true moss? A. Lycopodium B. Huperzia C. Isoetes D. Psilotum E. Selaginella ____4. Which of the following genera has hollow, jointed stems? A. Psilotum B. Selaginella C. Equisetum D. Lycopodium E. Huperzia ____ 5. Which of the following is characteristicly present in a siphonostele but not in a protosteles? A. protoxylem B. metaxylem C. endodermis D. cortex E. pith ____6. Which of the following traits is constantly present in heterosporous plants? A. exosporic, bisexual gametophytes C. endosporic, unisexual gametophytes B. exosporic, unisexual gametophytes D. endosporic, bisexual gametophytes ____7. Spores from which of the following have been collected and used in flash photography? A.
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