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Weekly Exam 7 Botany 372, Fall 2010 Lab Sec.__________ Name________________________________________________________________ T or F 1. The bryophytes all belong to the phylum Bryophyta. T or F 2. All plants involved in the formation of peat deposits belong to the moss genus Sphagnum . ____3. The term used for the stalk of a moss sporophyte is: A. stipe B. elater C. seta D. calyptra E. stalkita ____4. In mosses, meiosis takes place inside the A. protonema C. annulus E. capsule B. gametangia D. spores ____5. Which statement is true for the spores of organisms known as bryophytes? Spores are . ...... A. the result of meiosis and their ploidy level is n C. produced in gametangia and their ploidy level is n B. the result of mitosis and their ploidy level is 2n D. produced in sporangia and their ploidy level is 2n ____6. In mosses, the peristome teeth have a function similar to the _____________ of the liverworts. A.
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