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Beginning to use The Ecology of Plants , 2 nd edition by Gurevitch, Scheiner, and Fox 1. Some features to note and use with the text: a. The different types of vegetation and locations illustrated on the front and back covers and the title page b. Organization of the book into five parts c. Table of contents listing the sections and sub-sections within each chapter d. General structure of chapters e. Glossary f. Literature cited g. Index 2. Items to consider from Chapter 1 The Science of Plant Ecology a. Definition and descriptions of ecology, as well as a contrast of it with environmentalism b. Science as an empirical way of comprehending the world/universe, and other ways of “knowing about the world” c. “Ecology, like all science, is built on a tripod of __, __, and __.” d. Distinction between primary research and secondary research, both of which are important e. Hypothesis testing by experimentation is a central part of scientific reasoning. i. Three types of experiments are described.
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