460090211 - Fire o Other episodic events e.g storms...

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Observing and Thinking About Plants We encounter plant species every day. Depending on the person, the plants seen, and the immediate circumstances, the encounter might generate attention or not. Here are examples of aspects of plant species that might be considered, not to say that all are immediately apparent or easily assessed. Systematic (taxonomic) aspects, e.g., traits for identification, name (scientific and common), classification, and phylogeny (evolutionary history and relationships) Geographic range, both natural and possibly expanded by human dispersal Habitat conditions where found Abundance, e.g., widespread and numerous, common but not abundant, relatively uncommon, truly rare Type(s) of ecosystem(s) where found and its ecological niche there, including functional aspects of the species Relationships to environmental conditions, e.g., o Light o Temperature o Moisture o Substrate physical and chemical conditions o
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Unformatted text preview: Fire o Other episodic events, e.g., storms, droughts, floods, geologic disturbances o “Neighbors,” including plant, animal, and microbial species • Adaptations, i.e., features of the plants which contribute to their survival and reproductive success (evolutionary “fitness”) o Structural adaptations, e.g., growth patterns, size, physical protectants, secondary growth o Physiological and biochemical features, e.g., type of photosynthetic pathway, acquisition of inorganic nutrient elements, secondary metabolism (such as associated with production of defensive materials) o Life-history aspects, e.g., mode of reproduction, dispersal, developmental stages, seasonal periodicity, longevity • Significance of the plant species from a human perspective, e.g., source of some commodity, part of the habitat for other species, provision of ecological services, problem(s) associated with the species 460090211...
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460090211 - Fire o Other episodic events e.g storms...

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