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Potential Energy SPRINGS: the force (F) required to extend/compress a spring is proportional to the extension/compression (x>0): F x OR F = kx (Hooke's Law) k is called the force constant of the spring in [ N/m ] F x slope of line is k The work done in extending/compressing a spring is the area under the graph: W In this case,
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Unformatted text preview: = 1 2 Fx = 1 2 ( kx ) x = 1 2 kx 2 = E e NOTES: E e is the elastic potential energy k also has units of [J/m 2 ] (= N/m) CONSERVATION OF ENERGY: The total energy in a closed system remains constant although it may change to other forms . E = E' A:\sph4u1\chap6\day01potentialeneryspring.doc...
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