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LYRYX STUDENT REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS AND PAYMENT OPTIONS You can begin working on your homework as soon as you register! Educational Institution: University of Waterloo Campus: Main Campus Session: Fall 2011 Course: AFM 101 Introduction to Financial Accounting Section: ALL, D. Kennedy/D. Psutka/M. Wolfe HOW TO REGISTER TO THE ABOVE COURSE. .. PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK: 1. If you are a NEW Lyryx User: Create an account and log in. If you are a RETURNING Lyryx User: Enter your username/password and log in. 2. Once logged in, follow the instructions to complete the registration form. Please ensure that all personal information is correct. Confirm that the correct Educational Institution, Session, Course, and Section are selected. 3. Next, review the payment options and select your preferred method: Option 1: Purchase directly from Lyryx using PayPal. Option 2: If you have already purchased a Lyryx
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Unformatted text preview: PINCODE please enter it here. 4. Complete your purchase. A conrmation email will be sent to you when completed. 5. Begin working on your Lyryx assignments at If you require further assistance please email: [email protected] PURCHASE OPTIONS. .. OPTION 1: PURCHASE ONLINE - EASY & CONVENIENT Avoid standing in line-ups and purchase directly from Lyryx! Price for Lyryx License: $49.95 Price for Re-Registration: $19.95 * * If your new course uses the same text and edition as a previous course - you may qualify for this discounted price! Complete your registration to nd out if you are eligible. Option 2: Purchase at Campus Bookstore Your campus bookstore may oer new textbooks packaged with Lyryx Access Cards or stand-alone Lyryx PINCODE. Please contact your campus bookstore for pricing and availability information....
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