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essay1_60 - working/leading towards a better tomorrow...

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Moving In 60 Many people in the last year of high school have grown famillier with their friends and way of life. I was happy and content befor high school ended. The move to university, although not effecting my happyness is a profound change in lifestyle. Before getting here I was uncertain how I would fit in and how I am going to cope with the work load. Orientation week is doing an excellent job at assisting the transition from high school to university by creating a new team spirit in my faculty and forcing us (the new students) to interact and mak friends. Orientation week is building an excellent team spirit in the engineering faculty. During the introduction to the wrench, I felt my peers were unified in excitment for our future in the faculty. This excitment shous that we feel that we are one team and excited about
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Unformatted text preview: working/leading towards a better tomorrow. Meeting people has been very easy during orientation week. Orientation week events is helping us meet new friends and interact with more people. During the fair on the first night I was forced to meet at least forty people face to face, four of which are most likely to become good friends. I believe from my experience that the fair was a great success in introducing people to each other. The friends I am meeting and the team spirit of orientation week is making it a great success in assisting the trasition from high school to university. Team spirit is helping us be excited for tomorrow. Meeting friends is being made easy. These are just a few of the ways Orientation week is helping us....
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