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essay1_65 - No Longer A Child 65 Children or teenagers are...

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No Longer A Child 65 Children or teenagers are usually looked at becoming adults around the age of eighteen. Some teenagers feel they have not crossed that stepping stone long after that eigteeth birthday and some feel that they are mature enough to be an adult long before that. Around the beginning of my highschool education, I realized that I no longer ran to my parents for support. The significance of this is that it helped me to make my own decisions, be more responsible and to support myself. First of all, learning to make my own decisions other than running to my parents for advice, helped me to become an adult. In my opinion, if grown adults had an easy way out of every decision they had to make, then they are not mature enough to be an adult. My parents did not advise me to do what I did in highschool; I chose my own courses, my own friends, my own enemies, and my own path after post-secondary education. To wrap things up, if my parents had to decide everything for me, than it would not be my life that I am living.
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