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The Joy of Orientation 60 It has been a long tradition at Waterloo to have orientation. Its purpose: to help school students make the transition to university. This years orientation has fulfilled this purpose by providing opportunities to meet new people, preparing for challenges of university life, and having fun! By providing opportunities to meet new people, it allows for the ‘frosh to become comfortable and relaxed in a new environment. This was accomplished by splitting engineering into culor teams for a competition. Not only did this cause the frosh to meet others in their faculty, but it also allowed for some good fun. Meeting fellow classmates was accomplished on the first day during lunch when the leaders brought us to our class. Living in residence allowed for new people to meet, learn to live together, and form bonds that will last a lifetime. Through all of these things orientation provides for, it allows for the ‘frosh to meet new people all over campus. Preparing for challenges can be tough, but through learning the campus, getting ready for
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