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Canada s Wonderland: A leap into Adulthood 65 Throughout my life I have had many experiences which made me feel like an adult. These experiences include getting my drivers license, my first job and my own credit card. These experiences are negligable in comparison to my job as a supervisor at Canada s Wonderland. This job marked my transition into adulthood because it entrusted me with significant responsibilities. These responsibilities included making important decisions, creating a safe workplace, and maintaining excellent guest service. Decision making at work was an incredibly challenging task. There was no one to question my final decision therefore I had to make sure it was the right one. At times I would have to deal with guest conflicts. These would include miscommunication between my staff and the guest. I was in charge of all the food units on the south side of the waterpark therefore I had many guests to handle. When a guest conflict occured, I had to make the final decision, there
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