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A Students Welcome to Waterloo 70 The transition to university can be both exciting and ominous; we want to meet new people and explore new ideas but, at the same time, we are afraid of the unknown. Our most important factor in the difficulty of the transition is our orientation. At this first week of our university life we are supposed to start to familliarize ourselves with the people and our surrounding, gain an understanding of the challenges to come, and learn to enjoy all these new things. It is my opinion that, during orientation week, Waterloo helps students immensely to famillarize themselves with and to learn to love both the people and the campus but fails to give students a real understanding of what is to come, thus making orientation week only partially successful. To begin, the first componet of aclimatization is familiarity; students need to meet people and explore the campus. Through my rez activities and faculty groups I ve meet many new people and I ve been all over campus to the point where I no longer require a map. Knowing
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