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80 Childhood to adulthood, immaturity to responsibility. The “crossing-over to the adult world was marked for me by a single experience. In the summer of 2005, I moved away from home to participate in an enrichment program at the University of Toronto. It wasn t the program itself which catalyzed the transition from childhood to adulthood but rather the residence experience. This change in lifestyles was significant for me in both a practical (learning to live by myself) and psicologial (the freedom of having no one take care of me made mature and become responsible) way. At home I had food everyday, clean clothes, parent s money. However, in residence living alone, I did not have these luxuries. I learned to wash my clothes, to look for less expensive food and live on a strict budjet. Some might argue that washing their own clothes, managing their own money doesn t make them an adult (many children do their own laundry and
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