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MATH 135 Getting Help

MATH 135 Getting Help - MATH 135 Getting Help in MATH 135...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 135: Getting Help in MATH 135 The Tutorial Centre opens this week so this is a good time to review where you can get help with MATH 135 questions. Tutorial Centre The Tutorial Centre opens today in MC 4066 and MKV and provides one ‐ on ‐ one assistance. Feel free to discuss any question related to course content, electronic assignments, written assignments or tests with the tutors. For technical questions (MapleTA accounts, course login, ...) please read the rest of the email. The hours from 9:30 ‐ 4:30 Monday and Tuesday are specifically for MATH 135. The Tutorial Centre is also open Friday afternoons. Tutors are even available in MKV evenings and weekends. A schedule and other useful suggestions are online at http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/navigation/tutorial/ . Electronic Assignments Questions about the mathematical content of the Electronic Assignments should go to Prof. Furino (the course coordinator) at [email protected] . Technical questions (is MapleTA down, access to accounts,....
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