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MATH 135 Midterm Arrangements, Fall 2011 The midterm for MATH 135 in Fall 2011 is Monday, October 17 from 7 - 9PM . Room assignments are on the next page. Midterm Coverage 1. The midterm covers all course material up to and including negations (which is listed as Lecture 10 on the slides). This includes EA 1 – 11 and EA SETS, WA 1 – 3, and all lectures. 2. Written Assignment 3 gives you a very good sense of what the midterm will look like. The midterm will be shorter than WA 3. 3. No calculators are permitted. Studying 1. Start early. 2. Make a list of all definitions. Be able to state all of the definitions. Definitions covered in the text but not in class are not required. 3. Make a list of all propositions that were given an acronym. Be able to state all of the propositions. 4. Prepare representative problems for sets, truth tables, computing gcds, finding certificates for gcds, and solving Linear Diophantine Equations. 5. Analyze proofs done in class or on the assignments. Can you identify why and where each proof
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MATH_135_Midterm_Suggestions - MATH 135 Midterm...

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