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Formula Sheet-physics test 1

Formula Sheet-physics test 1 - Lecture for Ch 1 SI units...

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Lecture for Ch 1 SI units: sec, m, kg, K (3 sigfigs) Vectors: mag and direction Note for components draw rectangle, then do opposite and adjacent to find sides W parellel =mgsinθ; W perp =mgcosθ Vector addition: V= A + B + C (all vectors) V x =A x +B x +C x ; V y =A y +B y +C y (same if w/ coef. just multiply by them) Scalar(dot) product of vectors: A•B= ABcosф=A x B x +A y B y for 2D Vector(cross) Product: A x B (magnitude) = ABsinф Ф=smaller angle between A and B Lecture for Ch 2 Kinematics-relating motion to forces Particle-point w/ no size Rigid body-shape doesn’t change 4 kin: position, velocity, accel, time Must set up coordinate system to describe motion At rest; v=0; stationary, change direction of motion, extreme positon of motion Average speed=actual dist/duration (note draw this out!!) not mag. of vel Steps: 1) find t when v=0 2)find distance 3)formula Description of motion +v & a -- +x dir. and speeding up -v & a -- -x dir. and speeding up -v & +a -- -x dir. and slowing down Lecture for Ch 3-1 a=dv/dt; v=dx/dt Constant acceleration motion
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