AAS April 18 - enough time to handle to experience to think...

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AAS April 18 1. Declare the identification about local culture. Isolation until contact()—disease and then population decrease Earliest –sexial trans, early death of children 2. iterance language 3. population 1778 I million 1890 4,4000 it affect every level 4 wed essay –choice 5 Filipino compare with Chinese and Japanese American 6 Hawaii Recognize by the power of the world Overturn the institution She is the queen Protest against annexation US will support the govern’t? Under this protest and impelled by the sis forces yield my authority until such time as the gover’t of American shall being presented to it Establish, protest any move Anti- annexation petitions 556 pages Identify their Teaching the children wrong history in the school Protest with their bodies and minds Newlands resolution –July 1898 Master enough votes US flag 1898 raising at lolaini palace 1959 apology resolution
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vote for whether to be independence/state marginal: if now is the so-called someday in the future that you can do whatever you want you have
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Unformatted text preview: enough time to handle to experience to think to read, so why not why trapped yourself in the stupied fruitless waste rubbish little zone you created in your head if you never know where are you goning then what is the rule to judge whether you get the right way? Don not tell me you never think about that if so allt eh what is the so called rubbish exsit in your head Independence Independent nation state Citizenship limited to native Hawaiians 3paths to independence 1. UN committee on decolonization--UN charter Declaration regarding non-self –governing Territories--Vote Independence/ free association/ complete integration into another state 1959 statehood plebiscite 2 declaration of independence: recognition by international countries 3. world court and UN call for and oversee de-occupation of Hawaii (including withdraw of US occupation force)...
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AAS April 18 - enough time to handle to experience to think...

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