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AAS april19t - negotiation— Amrica Can’t Turn them to...

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AAS april20t Sovereignty-will one exam Life breath Essential to survival Superer power and authority over territory autonomy controlling influence freedom form external control Nation within a nation (Hawaii in us) Native Hawaiian govem’t reorganization act - Hawaii want to pass the( Akaka bill) to recognize the Hawaiian like native America would grant self- give land give back some land to Hawaiian nationals and ancestral lands Independence Independent nation state Three paths to independence 1. UN committee on decolonization UN charter Vote( proper vote) Citing , evaluate the contemporary and historical issue of self-determination and sovereignty… 4----2 today Philippines Spanish colonial rule Nationalist revolutionary movement against Spain Katipunan 1896 revolution resistant movement ---result a --rested Andres Bonifacio Jose Rizal Emilio Aguinaldo—presdent – cease-fire Revolution –Jun1898 independent from Spain/ spain serrated to USA Filipinno
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Unformatted text preview: negotiation— Amrica: Can’t Turn them to Spain japan & germany Can’t leave them to themselves/ unvaild in self-government Nothing left but to take them all and educate uplift Christian thing and act Put them in the map 1899, febu 4 vote finish the spain American war 1899 philippine –american war —no idea who fight first— philippine In secretion benefit for America—open the trade door to China/nature resource/ influence and culture to a new country/ self government only accept to/ protecting positions Us national Non-citizen Not alien Free movement to US territories Migration not immigration Immigration restrictions not affect —national struggle----product/ regard life as little value/ justified Pensionado act of 1903 ,I,gration Hawaii sugea planations Us mainland Migratory agric Bachelor society Anti-miscegrnation Alien land laws Rolsan VS la sang Tyding s –mcduffie act of 1934...
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  • Spring '08
  • JUNG
  • nationalist revolutionary movement, independent nation state, Hawaiian govem’t reorganization, influence freedom form, philippine –american war—no

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AAS april19t - negotiation— Amrica Can’t Turn them to...

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