AAS May 2 - Mass incerceration of Japanese Americans in1942...

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AAS May 2 Executive order 9066 E.O 9066 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt February 19.1942 War relocation Authority WRA Non-ailen= U.S. citizen Evacuation =forced removal Relocation= incarceration, imprisonment Assembly center= interim detention camp Relocation center=concentration camp, incarceration camp Evacuee=prisoner Residents, colonists= prisoner, inmates Internment legal process regulated by the Geneva convenation us statutes applied to confinement of selected nationals of a country with which the US is at war
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Unformatted text preview: Mass incerceration of Japanese Americans in1942 Not internment Did not have any due process No charges no trials Erro/ mistake Pearl Harbor Fear, panic , paranois , war hysteria Potential subversion Highly visible Protection Immediate, imminent, impending public danger Military necessity? Race prejudice War hysteria Failure of political leadership Race Assumption of racial guilt Guilt by ancestry History of anti- Asian movement...
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