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Unformatted text preview: GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE IN THE ILE-DE-FRANCE 1 Roman achievements: Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, Pantheon 2 Byzantine: Hagia Sophia 3 4 Romanesque: Palatine Chapel, Ste. Foy Ile-de-France the heart of France, including the land surrounding Paris 5 Abbey of St. Denis: invention of the Gothic 6 chevet narthex nave Abbey of St. Denis: small Romanesque church rebuilt in new pointed style by Abbot Suger (left) 7 St. Denis chevet: vaulted ambulatory with radial chapels 8 St. Denis chevet: pointed groin vaults 9 large windows of stained glass 10 11 Chartres: Cathedral of Notre Dame 12 Text Durham interior 13 Chartres interior Chartres nave wall: short gallery tall clerestory 14 flying buttress above (attached) buttress below Gothic church section: • reduced mass of nave wall • exterior structure of flying buttresses provides support 15 steeply sloped roofs over vaulting tall clerestory short gallery tall nave arcade 16 Gothic structural model: most of the structural frame is on the exterior 17 Transept Narthex narrow bay Nave on apse side of transept = choir Chartres plan: narrow bays, wide nave, pointed arches 18 wide nave narrow bay Chartres vaulting 19 interior vaults and the exterior buttresses are built together as the structural system wood centering provides support during construction 20 flying above exterior gallery attached below side aisle inside 21 Flying buttresses: buttresses attached up to the gallery level, then fly to top of the nave wall Chartres westwork, right. Compare to Ste. Foy at Conques, above. 22 Chartres: rose and lancet windows 23 Chartres westwork tympana: Scenes from the life of Christ 24 central portal tympanum: Christ in Glory 25 columnar figures at the door sides Stained glass 26 Stained glass details 27 Gothic -- structural model. Most of the structural frame is on the exterior. 28 Paris: Ile de la Cité -- Notre Dame lower left 29 nave choir Notre Dame, Paris: plan and section . 30 Aerial view: Notre Dame, Paris 31 Notre Dame, Paris: westwork 32 Exterior sculptural decoration: gargoyles 33 Notre Dame, Paris: heavy columnar piers with light reed-like supports above 34 35 Ste. Chapelle, Paris -- royal chapel 36 Ste Chapelle: buttesses are fin-like projections on the exterior 37 Ste. Chapelle interior: continuous windows 38 Ste Chapelle windows 39 40 ENGLISH GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE 41 1930s gargoyles of Smith Hall 42 ...
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