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The use of the building can best be described as an a

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Unformatted text preview: he use of the building can BEST be described as a(n): a. urban cathedral b. palace c. library d. royal chapel 8. This building utilizes which of the follow design elements: a. umbrella vaults b. multi-part plan c. buttressing d. polychrome striped masonry 9. This structure is located: a. in a university in the United States. b. in the capital city of France. c. in a university in England. d. in a public square in Italy. Questions about Image Set 4: Dome of the Rock 10. This building is located in: a. Damascus b. Mecca c. Jerusalem d. Kairawan 11. This building can BEST be described as marking a significant: a. house b. battle c. tomb d. geological feature 12. Which BEST describes the organization of this building: a. a walled complex with a lateral interior space focused on the site of prayer b. a longitudinal interior prayer hall preceded by an exterior courtyard c. a centralized form modeled on the Holy Sepulchre d. a hypostyle interior space dominated by a 16th century Christian church GO TO # 101 ON YOUR ANSWER SHEET Match the numbered element (101-105) on the plan with the appropriate label (two extra answers): a. nav...
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