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Quiz4reviewlist - Great Mosque Damascus 706-15 Great Mosque...

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University of Washington Department of Architecture Arch 150 Autumn 2011 Review List for Quiz 4 Architectural terms: Relevant terms from previous review sheets, plus ambulatory pilgrimage rib vaulting nave arcade gallery/tribune mosque mihrab qibla minaret minbar paradise garden muqarnas westwork chevet rose window lancet trefoil, quatrefoil buttress, flying buttress gargoyle complex rib vaulting: umbrella vault fan vault choir lady chapel chapter house Collegiate Gothic bastide Hanseatic League guild doge piazza palazzo Buildings and Sites: Romanesque Architecture St. Foy, Conques, France, 1050 St. Etienne, Caen, Normandy 1066-86 Durham Cathedral, England 1093-25 Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily 1174 Cathedral Complex, Pisa, 1063-1174 – cathedral, bell tower Islamic Architecture : Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem 700
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Unformatted text preview: Great Mosque, Damascus 706-15 Great Mosque, Kairawan 820-836 Great Mosque, Cordoba 786-987 Alhambra Palace, Granada 13 th c. Gothic Architecture in France and England, Collegiate Gothic: Abbey Church of St. Denis 1135-1144 Notre Dame, Chartres 1194-1225 Notre Dame, Paris 1155-1210 Ste. Chapelle, Paris 1241-48 Salisbury Cathedral & Chapter house 1220 Lincoln Cathedral 1230-50 Wells Cathedral and Chapter house 1175 Cambridge University founded 13th c.: Kings College Chapel 1440s University of Washington after 1919 Suzzallo Library 1922-26 Liberal Arts quad 1919-25 The Medieval City: Carcassonne Monpazier Lubeck Venice: Doges Palace, Church of S. Marco (Byzantine) Florence: Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio Siena: Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Pubblico, Duomo (cathedral)...
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