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3/28-4/1 What is popular music? Folk Popular Classical Context Social justice Commercial entertainment Concert hall institutions Dance Traditional “Latest” Little social dance Instruments Banjo, guitar, fiddle ; acoustic Electric guitar, drums…sythesizer Lyrics/verse forms Simple/ Repetitive instrumental (also opera, etc.) Complexity simple complex Audience Local community, live audience Broad; Recognizable songs Limited Form strophic,repetitve Verse & chorus, etc.AABA variety/ complexity Voice Beautiful harmonies Variety bel canto Dissemination Oral Electronic media Institutional Musical Terms and concepts: I) FORM A.Types of form—patterns of repetition and contrast Sectional (e.g. ragtime) AABA Strophic (e.g. hymns) Verse and Chorus Cyclical (call/response) LISTEN: “The Four Marys” (CD1:1) *Form? Strophic LISTEN: “The Boatman’s Dance” *Form? Verse and Chorus LISTEN: “Quimbara” (1:26--) *Form? call/response
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LISTEN: “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair” (CD1:4) *Form? AABA II) HARMONY Harmony is simultaneous sounding of different pitches
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Unformatted text preview: (sing “Happy Birthday” w/a student) Functional harmony is the use of chord progression to give a sense of direction and shape to the music. 12-bar blues a common chord progression in American popular music. (We’ll learn more later, but that’s the only chord progression you’ll be asked to identify) III) TEXTURE Unison vs. contrast LISTEN: Carter Family “Old Gospel Ship” CD2:13 ( homophony alternates w/monophony ) King Oliver “Dippermouth Blues” CD2:1 ( polyphony ; ….then homophony in rhythm section at stop time Polyrhythm LISTEN: James Brown “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” CD7:6 Repeating rhythms are the key, in distinction to polyphony V) RHYTHM rhythm beat/pulse meter measures or bars syncopation V) TIMBRE-vocal qualities-electronic revolution LISTEN: “ New E. St. Louis Toodle-oo” CD3:2 LISTEN: “Smells like Teen Spirit” guitar line double w/new timbre...
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Wk.1 lecture outlines - (sing “Happy Birthday” w/a...

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