Midterm 2(a)KEY - Midterm Exam #2(a) Music 162, American...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Exam #2(a) Music 162, American Popular Song Spring 2008, Shannon Dudley NOTE: Read each question carefully before answering. Then choose the single best answer for each question. You might want to mark the correct answers on your question sheet first, and transfer them to your scantron form after you have double-checked and made corrections. All questions must be answered on a scantron form, using #2 pencil. Part I 1. This musician from Florida got his professional start in Seattle, made his first recordings with Atlantic records in New York, and created controversy by using elements of gospel music in his pop songs: a) James Brown b) Ray Charles c) Jimi Hendrix d) Jerry Lee Lewis 2. What helps explain the proliferation of independent record companies in the 1940s and 1950s? a) the invention of inexpensive magnetic tape recording b) the fact that major labels had dropped many of their regional and ethnic music during the economic hard times of World War II c) radio disc jockeys that promoted regional music d) all of the above 3. Blues singer and guitarist Muddy Waters moved from Mississippi to this city, and recorded in a new urban blues style on this label: a) New York, Atlantic b) Chicago, Chess c) New York, Chess d) Los Angeles, Imperial 4. Sun Studios, where Elvis Presley first recorded, was located in: a) Memphis b) Chicago c) New York d) Los Angeles 5. One of several multi-ethnic bands in the San Francisco Bay Area to make a national impact in the late 1960s and 1970s, this band was famous for its funky horn section, led by tenor saxophonist Emilio Castillo. a) Santana b) Earth Wind and Fire c) Tower of Power d) the Grateful Dead 6. In what city was the Motown record label founded? a) Chicago b) New Orleans c) Detroit d) New York 7. In 1965, Bob Dylan upset many of his fans when he a) admitted to being a communist b) used electric guitar and drums at a folk festival c) started to play banjo instead of guitar d) criticized the Vietnam war 8. How did members of the local Trio "Black Stax," who visited our class, describe the difference between "rap" and "hip hop"? difference between "rap" and "hip hop"?...
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Midterm 2(a)KEY - Midterm Exam #2(a) Music 162, American...

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