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Diagnoses and Treatment - Diagnoses and Treatment Jennifer...

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Diagnoses and Treatment Jennifer O’Neal BEH 225 Janis White Axia College of University of Phoenix October 9, 2011
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Depression is a wide spread disorder that effects most people at one time or another. In this paper I will be going over what depression is and how it affects people. I will also be explaining different treatments for the disorder. Depression - One of the most common mood disorders is depression. Depression can affect people in many different was depending on the severity of the condition. In cases of depression the person may have feelings of worthlessness, lose interest in activities and feel sad all of the time. The depression can affect how people act as well. Things that they once enjoyed they may not have any interest in doing anymore. Depression can also affect people by making them tired not wanting to get out of bed or do their daily activities. People that have bad cases of depression have been known to lose interest in sex, have trouble sleeping, and quit eating. Depression can affect a person everyday life making it hard for them to function as they normally would and in some cases this
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