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Career Beam 2 - Ariel Ngoc Nguyen BUS 100 Dr Hall Career...

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Ariel Ngoc Nguyen BUS 100 Dr. Hall April 26, 2011 Career Beam Assignment II Part I: My Vision Ten years from now, I envision myself to become an entrepreneur. I will inherit my family business and develop it on my own. After graduating from La Salle University, I work at different company and travel around the world to gain experience and knowledge for my own development. As I start my business, I will combine my own experience with the family’s traditional values and work ethic. I will have my own office and hire people for my business. Everyday I wake up, I will dress professionally, walk down to my office, which is close to my house, and start my day with an excitement knowing that I’m working for myself. I understand that the work is extremely challenging and I always have to adapt to changes in the market; however, such changes will make my work become exciting and rewarding. Although I will have to work very hard, I will enjoy every day at work because it’s what I love to do. I’m the one who will put all my passion in the development of the business. Being an entrepreneur and the owner of my company, I have the responsibility as a leader. I will take care of the well being of my business, of my employees and of myself. Such responsibility will make me feel alive every single day because I understand that I’m a productive person, that I’m doing something not just for myself but also for the people around me.
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My company will have a friendly working environment. People, no matter what position they are, will respect each other and work as a tight unit. I will enjoy cooking lunch for my workers sometimes during the week. The people who I work with are passionate about their jobs as much as I do. After a whole day at work, I feel accomplished or at least productive and happy knowing that I spend my day doing what I love. For my business, application of new technology and teamwork will be very important. I will work both indoor and outdoor. As the leader of the company who envision the company’s direction, I have to constantly adjust to changes in the economy by continuously learning. I will
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Career Beam 2 - Ariel Ngoc Nguyen BUS 100 Dr Hall Career...

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