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Rachel Adams, Dave Comberiate, Sean High, Nick Matera, Ariel Nguyen Mr. Hall BUS 100 28 February 2011 RANDS INC. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS RANDS Inc, which will make diapers that change colors when wet, will be part of the disposable diaper industry. Our two most prominent competitors will be Kimberly-Clark, who makes Huggies, and Procter & Gamble, who makes Luvs and Pampers. The future outlook for this industry is good as the world’s population is on the rise and caregivers are in need of diapers for their babies. Disposable diapers, which are more convenient and more sanitary than traditional cloth diapers, are in high demand, and the industry continues to grow. Last year, the global diaper market sold $24 billion worth of diapers, and for 2011, it is estimated that the entire industry will sell 550 million packages. As people become more environmentally conscious, purchases of disposable diapers could possibly decrease because of the large amount of waste they cause. However with the convenience of disposable diapers and the use of more
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