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Homework_8 - 5 and 30 mg/L SS use the condition of BOD 5 in...

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Homework #8 Excel template for Problem 6-6 (10.926 Kb) Chapter 6 One question: Problem 6-6 One Bonus question: Problem 6-23 Problem 6-6 [Hints for 6-6] -- Determination of Equalization Basin volume Use attached Excel template which was pre-polulated with Problem 6-6 data. Be sure to give at least one ** sample calculation per procedure **. (show your works!) Points will be deducted if no sample calculation is given in your solution. [Bonus Question] It is optional and not required to solve. However, if you solve it correctly, you will get extra 20/100 points for your Homework #8. [Hints for 6-23/Bonus question] -- You need to calculate a new average BOD 5  (after equalization), S 0   -- With effluent standards of 30 mg/L BOD
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Unformatted text preview: 5 and 30 mg/L SS, use the condition of BOD 5 in SS = 63% of SS concentration as in the Example 6-5 at page 468-- Initially, you will end up with two unknowns ( θ c and θ ) and only one equation. Solve for θ c (=MCRT) first, then solving the θ , detention time, which is your design target! HW #8 is due on Oct. 31 (M) 5:00 PM at CEE Dept. office (KH 135)!! Graded HW #8 will be distributed on Nov. 2 (W) so that you can review it for Nov. 3(R) 2nd Midterm Exam. for Problem 6-23, so that influent BOD 5 is reduced by 32% or (1-.32)* S ....
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