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Homework_7 - expression*NOT in percentage value as given in...

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Homework #7 epc_example_Head_Loss_Filtration (313.749 Kb) Chapter 4 Three Problems; 4-63, 4-98 and 4-108 and One Bonus problem; 4-68 [Hints for 4-63] (Softening Dosage determination) 1. Use the Mg dosage flowchart in lecture notes, not the one in the textbook 2. Be sure to **summarize** calculated dosages at the end [Hints for 4-98] Detention time and overflow rate (SOR) calculation using Settling column test data --Be sure to **summarize** your design parameters at the end Answer) Design detention time= 57.75 min Design SOR = 132.6 m/day [Hints for 4-108] Head loss determination for a Rapid sand filter with a stratified condition by using Rose equation 1. See the example if Head Loss Filtration first 2. Use Excel for your calculation if possible 3. Use diameter (=d) values corresponding to sieve numbers from the Table given in Example 4-27 (page 292) 4. Don't forget to use the mass percent retained (=mass fraction retained, f) values in *decimal*
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Unformatted text preview: expression, *NOT* in percentage (%) value as given in the problem 4-108. For example, you need to use a 0.057 in your soution for the mass percent retained of 5.70 Answer) Total head loss = 0.34 m [Bonus Question] Problem 4-68 (Softening Dosage determination and cost estimation) It is optional and not required to solve. However, if you solve it correctly, you will get extra 20/100 points for your Homework #7. [Hints] 1. Be sure to convert Lime and Soda ash to mg/L as species before estimating their annual cost 2. Be sure to **summarize** calculated dosages at the end 3. Cost estimates should be in a $100 unit -- round up to next $100 unit, i.e., $456,858 --> $456,900. DO NOT include the amount in cents! (you'll have a deduction for that!) Due on Oct. 27 (R), at the beginning of the class...
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