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Assignment No. 3 - Strategic Management ASSIGNMENT NO 3...

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Strategic Management ASSIGNMENT NO. 3 Submitted To Prof. Ishfaq Ahmad Submitted By Abdul Karim L1F10MSMG0065 University Of Central Punjab Lahore 1
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Question No. 1 List   the   advantages   and   disadvantages   of   a   functional   versus   a   divisional  organizational structure. Answer: Functional Structure: The most widely used structure is the functional or centralized type because this  structure is the simplest and least expensive of the seven alternatives. A functional  structure   groups   tasks   and   activities   by   business   function   such   as  product/operations, marketing, finance/accounting, R&D, and computer information  systems. Advantages: Following are the advantages of a Functional Organizational Structure: Simple and Inexpensive It promotes specialization of labor It encourages efficiency It minimizes the need for an elaborate control system It allows rapid decision-making Disadvantages: 2
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