L2 Integumentary System Chapter 5

L2 Integumentary System Chapter 5 - Integumentary System...

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Integumentary System: Chapter 5 1. While walking barefoot in the barn, Jeremy stepped on a rusty nail that penetrated the depth of the epidermis on the sole of his foot. Name the layers the nail pierced from the superficial skin surface to the junction with the dermis. Since the sole of the foot has thick skin, the layers from most superficial to deepest would be the stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosom, and stratum basale. 2. The stratum basale is also called the stratum germinativum, a name that refers to the major function of this layer. What is that function? The stratum basale undergoes almost continuous mitosis to replace cells lost by abrasion. 3. Why are the desmosomes connecting the keratinocytes so important? The skin is subjected to a lot of abrasion and physical trauma. The desmosomes, which are connecting junctions, help to hold the cells together during such stress. 4. Given that epithelia are avascular, what layer would be expected to have the best- nourished cells? The stratum basale, which abuts the dermis were the blood supply is, has the best nourished cells. 5. What layer of the dermis is responsible for producing fingerprint patterns? The papillary layer of the dermis gives rise to fingerprint patterns. 6. What cell component of the hypodermis makes it a good shock absorber? Fatty tissue in the hypodermis gives it insulating and shock-absorbing properties. 7. You have just gotten a paper cut. It is very painful, but it doesn’t bleed. Has the cut penetrated into the dermis or just the epidermis? Because there is no bleeding, the cut has penetrated into the avascular epidermis only.
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L2 Integumentary System Chapter 5 - Integumentary System...

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