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chap 12 MIS

chap 12 MIS - CH12 ERP System database at heart user...

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CH12 ERP System database at heart, user enters/updates info in 1 module, it immediately & automatically updated throughout the entire system ERP Automate Business Processes ERP brings organization (Accounting, Marketing, HR, Inventory, etc.) together under one full system ERP Begins materials Planning, Order Entry, Distribution, General Ledger, Accounting, Shop Floor Control Extended ERP Scheduling, Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Ecommerce, Warehousing, Logistics ERP-II Project Management, Knowledge Management, Workflow Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Portal Capability, Integrated Financials, All ERP & Extended ERP SCM, CRM, ERP backbone of e-business, Integration of all three application is key to success, making info available to any ERP Companies SAP, Oracle (w/ PeopleSoft) SCM Companies i2, Oracle, Manugistics
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