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MIS - CH 5 - Chief Information Officer(CIO Oversees all...

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) Oversees all uses of IT & Ensures the strategic alignment of IT with business goals & objectives (Wholesale/Retail/Distribution - Higher Compensation, Enhancing Customer Satisfaction - High Concern) Manager ensures delivery of all IT projects, on time & within budge Leader ensures strategic vision of IT is in line with the strategic vision of the organization Communicator building and maintaining strong executive relationships Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy, availability, and reliability of an organization’s information technology (efficiency of IT system in the organization) Chief Security Officer (CSO) is responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems and developing strategies and IT safeguards against attacks from hackers and viruses Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of information within an organization (newest) Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
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