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MIS Ch9-10

MIS Ch9-10 - 4 Reasons for Growth of Decision-Making...

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4 Reasons for Growth of Decision-Making Information Systems 1.People need to analyze large amounts of Information 2. People must make decisions quick time is important, not enough time to manually go through all information 3. People must apply sophisticated analysis techniques, such as modeling & forecasting to make good decisions IS reduce time of info analysis 4. People must protect the corporate asset of organizational information IS offer security to keep organizational info safe Model a simplified representation or abstraction of reality, IT Systems in an Enterprise: Executives Executive Information Systems (EIS) - Analytical, Coarse, meaningful aggregations of Information through Online Analytical Processing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) manipulation of info to create business intelligence in support of strategic decision making Managers Decision Support Systems (DSS) - Processes, Granularity Information Through Processing Analysts Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) - Transactional, Fine, Detail Information Through Online Transaction Processing Transaction Processing System basic business system that serves the operational level (analysts) in an organization (payroll, order-entry) Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) capturing of every detail of transaction & event info using tech to (1) process info according to defined business rules (2) store info (3) update existing info to reflect the new info Decision Support System (DSS)
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