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Business Strategy: A Reference on References If you are assigned the task of developing a new reference policy for your company, remember the following guidelines. 1. Stick with factual disclosures: Use “There was an accusation of embezzlement and he resigned,” not “He is an embezzler.” 2. Stick with easily defined terms: Use “Angers easily,” not “He is a lunatic.” 3. Report what happened, not your view: Use “Other staff members complained about her conduct and work,” not “She was a constant pain in the neck.” 4. Implement an exit interview in which you disclose the information you have on file that will be given when references are requested. 5. Verify the protections offered under your state law, if any.
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Unformatted text preview: Business Planning Tip All businesses should help create a safe environment for their customers and discourage criminal acts with the following: 1. Good lighting 2. Access to public phones 3. Security patrols 4. Locked gates to parking lots; gate or security access 5. Escorts for customers and employees to their vehicles after closing hours 6. Camera security 7. Assigned parking spaces for tenants and employees 8. Warning signs to use caution and be alert Business Strategy: Application Be sure to do the exercise for this chapter, Name That Tort! found on the books Web site. You can test your ability to apply the law to factual circumstances....
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