discussion 1 week 1 - The future of every organization is...

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The future of every organization is built around continuous development and improvement as most people are already aware however there are some who forget that one of the most valuable assets in a company are the people that are involved in every day operations. This includes every person no matter what position they might hold with in the company whether its the president or service personnel. Each individual brings forward unique skill sets and abilities that can impact the development and direction of a company. Their individual development and well being are important considerations in any change in organizational dynamics. Many people still believe that business operate in an employers market though I would tend to disagree with that assessment, but not in the view that most people might have on the state of hiring even in tight markets. I tend to side with individuals like Laura Butler, Vice President of Talent Acquisition for TeleTech.While it is true that it has been more difficult than ever before for unemployed individuals employers are also scrambling to find qualified personnel and even after finding those candidates hanging on to qualified personnel is a difficult task. If you are an employee you are concerned with your individual perspective and effects change have on your personal stability, which is an important consideration in future change initiatives as companies work to maintain a competitive edge in shrinking markets.In order to ensure that a company can sustain itself now and in the future it must be prepared to invest in its workforce. That includes continuing education and employee retention as well as a big picture view of future operations. I personally like to pull a page from Google's philosophy on operation and continued development as listed below. 1. Hire by Committee - Make sure your new recruits talk to their future colleagues
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discussion 1 week 1 - The future of every organization is...

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