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TCO A. Use the fact pattern you received in the above Marianne Jennings "International Code of Ethics" question to answer this question. Analyze and propose a solution to the problem you received above using the Blanchard and Peale method. Show the steps, apply the facts, and provide a proposed solution you would suggest. Decision-Making: This difficulty, though, has not prevented a number of authors from devising frameworks to assist difficult decision making. Personal ethics Taking the right option requires a certain degree of inner strength and confidence. for example about the
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Unformatted text preview: ethics issues: Companies intentionally or unintentionally foster that fear in a number of ways. If an employee raises an issue and nothing is done, the whistleblower feels stupid and management signals that they’re not listening. If an employee raises an ethical issue and they’re terminated, the company intensifies that fear and signals that employees should just remain silent. And silent employees “shoot your safety record to heck. If they’re coming to work upset about something, they start messing up, so you don’t want that,” Jennings said....
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