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TO; Mr. Woods, Chief FDA FROM: Hansen, Employee FDA DATE: October 24, 2010 SUBJECT: Robins and Robins Case. The Robins and Robins case has led to several activist groups calling for FDA's liability for the death of 12 children. They point to FDA's fault and negligence in not passing the original tracking bar rule. It is contended that FDA does not have any liability to the victims of Robins and Robins medicine poisoning. Three over the counter medicines being sold by Robins and Robins have been tainted with plastic explosives. This contamination has led to 1400 children and 350 adults being hospitalized. The company Robins and Robins has recalled it medicines but since there is no special tracking bar code on the medicine the recall is not automatic and several people have consumed the contaminated medicine. You will recall that last year FDA had promulgated an administrative rule that stated that all
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