Quiz 04 Outline CHEM 180 F2011

Quiz 04 Outline CHEM 180 F2011 - Quiz 04 Outline Fall 2011...

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Quiz 04 Outline Fall 2011 CHEM 180 Acid–Base Table and Redox Table provided from GCN. No Balancing via the ½ Rxn Method on this quiz! Ch. 4: All Sections Balancing chemical equations. Writing chemical equations (reactants and product identities, states, and conditions). Stoichiometry and the Stoichiometric Factor (mol to mol ratio) as a conversion factor. Applying density, % composition and metric conversions to stoichiometric calculations. Solutions: Solvent vs. Solute. Concentration: Molarity, mass % (or w/w %), v/v % and w/v % Using concentrations as conversion factors in stoichiometric calculations. Equivalents and Normality Limiting Reactant problems. Actual yield, Maximum theoretical yield and % yield calculations. Using stoichiometric factors in a sequence of equations. Ch. 5: Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 only + GCN: pp: 125–126 Water as a solvent and Dissociation of ionic solids in solution. Electrolytes:
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