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Quiz 05 Outline Fall 2011 CHEM 180 Ch. 6: Sections 6–7, 6–8 and 6–9 only Gas properties: Expansion, Compression, Diffusion, V, T, P and n Kinetic Molecular Theory (KMT) Molecular speeds: u m , u, u rms . Kinetic energy and speed distribution in gas samples. Diffusion and Effusion Graham’s Law of Effusion use The van der Waals’s Equation for “real” gases. Ideal vs. real gas behavior conditions. Ch. 8: Sections 8.1 through 8.4 Electromagnetic radiation: Amplitude, frequency, wavelength, velocity. The Electromagnetic Spectrum (regions like IR, UV, Visible, etc.). The visible region: ROYGBIV (750 nm to 400 nm). Interaction of EMR with matter: rotational, vibrational, electronic excitation, etc. Constructive and Destructive Interference of waves. Calculations involving the wave nature of EMR: c
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Unformatted text preview: = Atomic Line Spectra and Johann Balmerss empirical equation to describe them. Blackbody Radiation and Max Plancks introduction of the quantum concept to explain it. The Planck Equation ( E = h = hc/ ) and calculations involving it. The Photoelectric Effect and Einsteins introduction of the photon to explain it. The Bohr (Planetary) Model of the atom proposed by Neils Bohr. Calculating energies and radii of electrons using Bohrs equations (provided): r n = n 2 a o and E n = R H /n 2 (where a o = 53 pm and R H = 2.179 x 10 18 J) Electron excitation and relaxation between energy levels. Calculations involving electron transitions via Bohrs equation: E = R H 1 1 . n i 2 n f 2 Ionization (loss of the electron) occurs when n f =...
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