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Student Textbook Information for Math 20100 Department of Mathematics, CCNY Fall 2011 The required text for this course is Stewart Essential Calculus, 1 st edition, published by Cengage. INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS IN Math 20100 Sections AB, CD, D, EE, GH, LL, RS, UV, S,ST . Go to www.cengagebrain.com , type 9780538497411 into the Find box and hit Enter. This will take you to the purchase page for the textbook. Don’t purchase the textbook yet! To the right of the picture of the text, there is a link that says Preview the 1 st Chapter Free ! Click on that link to view AND PRINT the first chapter of the text, which covers the first few weeks of the course. When you are sure that you will remain enrolled in the course, and if you do not already own the
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Unformatted text preview: hardcover text, choose one of the following in order to obtain both the hardcover text and printable e-book access. For your convenience, some purchase options are listed. However, you also need to consider return policies and shipping costs. • Purchase the textbook (ISBN 9780538497411 ) online. At both amazon.com and bn.com, the listed price is $122.21. • Another possibility is www.cengagebrain.com , but the price is $146.75 • Purchase the text in the College (or any other) bookstore. You will need to choose this option if you do not have a credit card....
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