445 - Course Syllabus MATHEMATICS 185 Spring 2008 Texts: 1)...

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Course Syllabus MATHEMATICS 185 Spring 2008 Texts: 1) Billstein, Libeskind, Lott: A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Addison-Wesley Publ.) 9 th ed. 2) STUDENT HANDOPUT PACKET available from the instructor. Prerequisite : a grade of C in Math 180 or its equivalent Course Supervisor: Shelley Ring. Phone : 650-5126 email : [email protected] Introduction T he course includes two major features that may be somewhat unfamiliar in a mathematics class: the use of both required writing exercises and mathematics activities. Both are described below. The purpose of the activities is to provide a concrete approach to the ideas that underlie elementary school mathematics. The goal of the writing exercises is to help you learn to express and reflect on these ideas. I hope that you will give me feedback on how well they both achieve those goals. Thanks! Activities and Group Work . There are several justifications for group work: 1) Cooperative learning is used extensively in elementary school classrooms and you should have some experience with problem solving in a group setting. 2) English is a second language for many students. It is helpful for them to be provided with the opportunity to express these ideas first to a small group before addressing the instructor and the whole class. You will probably enjoy group work and the active involvement is often more effective (in the long run) than the passive learning situation of lecture. Students have commented that at times they find it easier to listen to and comprehend an explanation by a peer than by the instructor. 3) Group members are encouraged to exchange phone numbers. You are (of course) responsible for material missed due to absence and you should phone classmates for assignments and copy class notes from the day(s) that you were absent. It is helpful for students meet outside of class to do homework and study for exams.
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445 - Course Syllabus MATHEMATICS 185 Spring 2008 Texts: 1)...

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