Managing change - and adapting to rapid change is the norm...

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Resistance to change is common, especially when people think they have no choice, that the change is a bad idea or it will not work, or that the change will result in their losing something that is important to them. Effective managers expect resistance and work with it. They see resistance as a sign that people are involved, not that people are trying to make the change harder to implement. People typically resist change when they think it is unnecessary, believe it is wrong, think it will make the situation worse, fear that the change will mean personal loss, and many other reasons. Successful managers understand how their organizations handle change. Organizations, like individuals, respond to change in different ways. It depends on a variety of factors such as the type of change and the change hardiness of the organization. Some organizations are overly cautious or change resistant. Others display a kind of change hardiness,
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Unformatted text preview: and adapting to rapid change is the norm. How an organization handles change also depends on whether it is dealing with a transactional change or a transformational change. Transactional change is often easier because it is finite and it involves something specific like a work process or a change in role. Transformational change is much more extensive and open-ended, and it has a greater impact; it involves fundamentally changing something. Most large organizations engage simultaneously in various types of change. Yet these changes are not necessarily in sync with each other, and they may be limited by people’s capacity to adapt to overlapping changes. The change may lie in people’s ability to sustain their focus, the allocation of limited resources, or competition to determine which initiatives will gain hold and survive over time....
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Managing change - and adapting to rapid change is the norm...

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