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Probable Resistances Prior to implementing the change to increase productivity and innovation, the project managers must acknowledge the different restraining forces the employees can present during the phases of implementation. Managing the employees will be challenging but is an achievable task for an effective leader. Restraining forces include multiple factors one or many of the An obvious force is the disrupting an employee’s comfort zone, shaking up the familiarity with completing daily tasks is uncomfortable to the employees. The result changes his or her routine and leads to defending the traditional methods and unwilling to see the positive aspect of the change. Managers can lessen the force by providing educating and communicating
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Unformatted text preview: to the employees consistently during the implementation phases. Often the employees believe the changes threaten his or her position and power with changes. The changes ABC’s organization is making will not result in loss of current positions or power. Reassuring the employees is a tough challenge the managers will face, and they must prepare for the types of resistance. Continuing to communicate can allow the managers to empower and include the employees in the process. The empowerment will turn the negative energies of resistance into positive forces to implement the change successfully. Brown, D. R., & Harvey, D. (2006). An experiential approach to organizational development (7th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall....
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