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Regional Integration Paper - Regional Integration Running...

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Regional Integration Running Head: Regional Integration Regional Integration MGT 448 May 20, 2011 1
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Regional Integration Why to Be an Advocate of Regional Integration Regional integration is a positive entity in the economic marketplace. The European Union is a primary example of the many business opportunities the regional integration model can offer to an economy. The European Union was created to foster economic cooperation while avoiding conflict. The political partnership is between 27 European countries and has developed a single market with the Euro as its common currency. The Euro is the most tangible proof of cooperation between the European Countries. It benefits traveler because they can use one currency if traveling from one European Union country to another. The European Union continually promotes human rights, democracy, and the abolition of border controls. The European Union has delivered half a century of peace, stability, and prosperity. It has helped raise living standards, launched a single European currency, and is progressively building a single Europe-wide market in which people, goods, services, and capital move among Member States as freely as within one country. The creation of the single market and the corresponding increase in trade and general economic activity transformed the European Union into a major trading power. The European Union is trying to sustain economic growth by investing in transport, energy and research, while also seeking to minimize the
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Regional Integration Paper - Regional Integration Running...

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